13 November 2008

Leaving the House

The New Zealand Parliament website maintains a useful list of those MPs who have departed from the House before the General Election, and those that did not seek re-election - but it's not been updated to reflect the final election results yet. Here's a list I've drawn up by party, with the names of those MPs who (as of today) stood for re-election but were not returned marked with an asterisk. The years they were MPs are recorded in parentheses. I've included Don Brash as a significant departure, although he left the House last year rather than at the election.

There's been a huge turnover in the Labour caucus, both as a result of retirements before the election and enforced retirements caused by the drop in the Labour party vote at the election. It's notable that the next eight slots on the Labour party list are occupied by MPs who lost their jobs at the election. The next in line to re-enter the House should there be resignations of sitting list MPs are: Damien O'Connor, Judith Tizard, Mark Burton, Mahara Okeroa, Martin Gallagher, Dave Hereora, Louisa Wall and Lesley Soper.


Nandor Tanczos (1999-2008)


Tim Barnett (1996-2008)
Hon David Benson-Pope (1999-2008)
Georgina Beyer (1999-2007)
*Hon Mark Burton (1993-2008)
*Hon Harry Duynhoven (1987-90, 1993-2008)
*Russell Fairbrother (2002-08)
*Martin Gallagher (1993-96, 1999-2008)
Hon Mark Gosche (1996-2008)
Ann Hartley (1999-2008)
*Dave Hereora (2002-08)
Hon Marian Hobbs (1996-2008)
Hon Steve Maharey (1990-2008)
*Hon Damien O'Connor (1993-2008)
*Hon Mahara Okeroa (1999-2008)
Jill Pettis (1993-2008)
Hon Dover Samuels (1996-2008)
*Lesley Soper (2005, 2007-08)
Hon Jim Sutton (1984-90, 1993-2006)
Hon Paul Swain (1990-2008)
*Hon Judith Tizard (1990-2008)
*Louisa Wall (2008)
Hon Margaret Wilson (1999-2008)
Dianne Yates (1993-2008)


Mark Blumsky (2005-08)
Dr Don Brash (2002-07)
Bob Clarkson (2005-08)
Brian Connell (2002-08)
Katherine Rich (1999-2008)
Hon Clem Simich (1992-2008)

NZ First

*Peter Brown (1996-2008)
Hon Brian Donnelly (1996-2008)
*Dail Jones (1975-84, 2002-05, 2008)
*Ron Mark (1996-2008)
*Pita Paraone (2002-08)
*Rt Hon Winston Peters (1978-81, 1984-2008)
*Barbara Stewart (2002-08)
*Doug Woolerton (1996-2008)

United Future

*Judy Turner (2002-08)
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