08 July 2008

Anyone for seconds?

Anyone for seconds?
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A diorama from the ecosystem portion of the Natural History Museum in South Kensington. This particular tiger seems to be quite a tidy eater if you ask me. As the display is in prominent view the almost complete lack of blood might be designed to avoid freaking out the little ones who crawl over every display at the NHM, particularly on Sunday afternoons, which is when I went.

You can't fault the look of contentment on the tiger's face as he carefully licks his paws clean. This tiger knows that his species have way more street cred since Yann Martel featured a tiger as the main protagonist in the Booker-winning 'Life Of Pi'. The buck, on the other hand, has a resigned countenance, and justifiably so: perhaps his expression is redolent of a Douglas Adams-ian "oh no, not again"?
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