07 April 2008


There was an odd sort of noise at the bedroom window when I woke up this morning. It sounded a bit like rain... no, snow! I'd missed the only snowfall of the winter in London over Easter when I was in Napoli, but this was a real snowstorm. Big fluffy flakes were whirling around the tower blocks and encrusting the parked cars and foliage below, and the drifts were already piling up. Snow doesn't usually settle in London - it's too far south and there's so much concrete around. So this was a rare treat.

I rugged up and ventured out, crunching through the soft snow in my Dr Martens, heading for the Common to get some pictures. It was just like The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe out there - thick layers of snow on every leaf and branch. But it wasn't particularly cold - I was fine when I took my gloves off. In the centre of Wimbledon Common near the windmill dozens of families had gathered to build snowmen or take their kids sledding. Dogs were having a great time - I watched one spaniel puppy chasing snowballs for the first time: "Okay, I'll fetch it... hey, where's it gone? Oh, you've thrown another one. Cool! I'll find that one then. Hey, I thought it was here somewhere..." And another little pup was loving bouncing in and out of the drifts, his stubby legs pumping crazily. What a super morning in London!

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