30 January 2007

Counting down the days

So! I finished work on Friday. Had my team farewell lunch on Tues at the Wellington Brewing Company, and work leaving drinks on Friday at the Loaded Hog (as there was a 2-for-1 offer on). It didn't go late though, because most of them were off to the Australian High Commission's Australia Day Party that evening. I only had three vinos at the pub before eating but I felt pretty bad the next day. Three! That's pretty minor stuff, even for a softy like me. "Musta been something I ate..."

Non-work pals dinner & drinks was on Saturday night. Had drinks at Matterhorn first for an hour or so (see pic below), and then went to the Cambodian restaurant Siem Reap for dinner - 13 of us: Catherine & Tim, me, Toakase, Kathryn McLean, Bronwyn Jones, Philippa S, Kirstin, Richard & Bronwyn, Matthew Louwrens, Al, and Helen Culver. I was quite keen for farewell karaoke, but there wasn't enough interest from the others - next time!

This week will be very busy, organising all the loose ends in Wellington and moving out of the flat. It occurred to me yesterday that I've not been unemployed since 2000. Guess I should enjoy it while it lasts, but I must say it feels weird...
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